Low Tunnel Film / Polyhouse Film

"Shield your crops from harmful sunlight and wind damage with our fine quality, anti-adhesive low tunnel film. Its seamless finish and accurate dimensions prevent soil dryness, ensuring optimal crop growth. Invest in our top-notch product for a bountiful harvest!"


Thickness 20-50 microns
Uses Horticulture Flower Vegetable Growing
Material LDPE
Additives Anti Fog, Light Diffusion, UV Stabilizer Additive
Features Protection against UV, Insects, Pests, Heavy Rain, Cold, and Sunburn


  • Fine Quality

  • Anti adhesive

  • Seamless finish

  • Accurate dimension

  • Avoid soil dryness

  • Resistivity against impact

  • Optimum light transmittance

  • Minimises temperature fluctuations

Cost-effective and


100% genuine

Innovative technology

Plastic cover that protect crop from frost, wind and environmental stresses.

Iris Low Tunnel Film