Silage Films

Revolutionize Silo protection with High-Performance agriculture film: Shield your Harvests with the Best Iris Polymers offers extreme toughness, outstanding MD tear strength which reduces risk of waste and spoilage. Enhanced durability of thin films for cost effective solutions with linear blends which are synergistic for MD tear.


Width 250mm/500mm/750mm
Length 1200m/1500m/200 750 m
Transparency Opaque
Material LDPE/ LLDPE
Colour White/Black/Green etc
Film Grade Hand And Machine Grade


  • Low cost: No investment in storage or warehouse for forage

  • Durability: even in the presence of high UV radiation and agricultural chemicals

  • Performs well even at extreme temperatures and does not break or become brittle

  • Avoids waste and saves cost

Cost-effective and


100% genuine

Innovative technology

Specialized plastic film that is used to protect and preserve fermented forage crops.

Iris Silage film