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Manufacturing The Best Agricultural Products Since the turn of the decade.

We are a leading manufacturer of Agricultural Films and Industrial Packaging Films, providing innovative solutions to farmers for improved crop yields and reduced labor costs. Our high-quality Industrial Packaging Films cater to diverse packaging needs. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability, and continuous innovation, we are your trusted partner for agricultural and industrial success.


Why Choose Us

Advanced facilities of product manufacturing.

High standard of quality in products.

Customized solution as per the requirements.

On time delivery.

Expert, Committed and Highly Motivated Team.

Ethical business practices.


I really appreciate Iris polymer products for their quality and standard, which they have maintained. They provide mulching films, silage films, crop cover, shade nets, tunnel films, drip irrigation, pheromone lures, pheromone sticky traps, etc., agricultural products of the best quality.

Omkar Wable

I have also used iris mulching film, and it is very good and reliable. I used to use mulch films for a long time but was not satisfied with any mulching film, but after using iris mulching film, my crop yielded much more. And it's customer service is very fast and responsive. For me, mulching film means Iris Polymer and I strongly recommend this company's film to all my dear farmers

Niraj Bhamare

Innovation Begins Here, and Mind-Enriched Farmers A leading mulch film and crop cover manufacturing company. Very good and quality products. All products go through complete research and development processes. That's why they became zero-detection products. All company officers and staff are gentle and farmer-supportive.

Jaydeep Bodgire

Very good company making nice products for the agro industry. I met their management and team; they are very forward-looking and technology-oriented people. Contributing to Make in India and especially working for the agro industry.

Laxmikant Bhakre

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