Agricultural Product

Mulch Films

Iris Polymers polyethylene line-up of highly UV protected mulch films with unparalleled durability,strength and sustainability.

Agricultural Films

Shield your crops from harmful sunlight and wind damage with our fine quality, anti-adhesive agricultural film.

Pheromone Trap

IRIS Pheromone Trap revolutionizes pest control with its effective and safe approach.

Low Tunnel Film

Elevate your crop cultivation with IRIS Polymers' advanced Low Tunnel Film

Insect Net

Introducing IRIS Polymers' Insect Net: Elevate Your Crop Protection Game.

Shade Net

Elevate Your Plant Care Experience with IRIS Polymers Shade Net.

Crop Cover

Step into a realm of advanced crop care with IRIS Polymers Crop Cover


Discover the Superiority of IRIS Polymers Pond Liner for Agriculture


IRIS Polymers Weedmat—a versatile solution crafted for soil coverage

Bio-compostable Mulch

Bio-compostable mulch film is an environmentally friendly agricultural film used to cover soil around plants

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