Joining the upcoming KRISHI DARSHAN EXPO, FEB 2024 in Haryana

IRIS Polymers is excited to be part of an event and conference spotlighting the latest agricultural technologies.
Our participation includes showcasing the full spectrum of our products, contributing to the dynamic discussions and innovative spirit of the expo.

Kisan Expo

At the KISAN Expo, IRIS Polymers played a significant role in fostering collective dialogue among agri-professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders nationwide, strengthening the collaborative efforts that shape the future of the Indian agriculture sector. We showcased our complete range of products, contributing to the vibrant discussions and innovations at the expo.

Agritechnica Expo 2023

IRIS Polymers actively participated in Agritechnica 2023, contributing to the event’s distinction as Europe’s premier showcase for agricultural technology. We showcased our Silage and Mulch film products, highlighting our commitment to innovation in the industry.

Agri-Intex 2023

IRIS Polymers took part in AGRI INTEX 2023, presenting our proficiency in Agricultural, Horticultural, Dairy farming, and Food Processing Technologies.

Our participation played a vital role in advancing discussions on cutting-edge solutions and industry best practices.

Interpack 2023

As IRIS Polymers, we actively participated in Interpack 2023 at Düsseldorf, Germany— an essential meeting point for the entire Packaging and Processing Industry.

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