Are you ready to say goodbye
to forage spoilage?

Experience the future of Silage storage with IRIS Silage Film.
Our advanced technology preserves the nutritional value
of your forage and prolongs its freshness.

Manufacturer of other Agricultural Films and
Industrial Packaging films.

Forage preservation is an ongoing concern for farmers, but Iris Silage Films offer a reliable solution. These films guarantee zero spoilage, ensuring that your livestock has access to high-quality feed year-round. Beyond spoilage prevention, Iris Silage Films also protect essential nutrients in your forage,
promoting the health and productivity of your livestock.
Our films are engineered with precision and manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring that they deliver exceptional performance and reliability. In today’s farming landscape, they are the ultimate answer to forage preservation challenges,
leading to a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable farm.

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Preserve Nutrients

Ensure healthier livestock with preserved forage quality.

Easy Application

Save time and effort with hassle-free wrapping.

Color Options

Choose from a range of colours, including White, Black, and Green Silage films.

UV Shield

Extend storage duration with protection against harmful rays.


Tear-resistant for long-lasting performance.

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